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A Future without Rubbish is officially launched in Romania

A Future without Rubbish is officially launched in Romania

Clear Public Space runs the ‘A Future without Rubbish’ programme. Its aim is to clear public spaces of litter and increase recycling rates. The programme is active – and expanding – in Romania and is also just starting out in Westminster, central London. We work with schools, councils, waste businesses and communities (‘SCBC’) in a fully integrated way. 

“A Future without Rubbish should be adopted in all EU member states, and across the world” -  Professor Helmut Maurer of the EU commission-DG Environment and European Strategy on Plastic Waste in the Environment, European Commission, during our first official launch in Cisnadie, on the 5th October 2017.

We showcased this at the launch event of our Cisnădie chapter in early October: small, regular actions (songs, lectures, competitions, medal-giving by super heroes and councillors) to change perceptions of waste. The launch event hosted talks by the EU commission, a local council official, Spiderman and performances by the children at the local school infront of at least 250 people! The chorus of their self-composed anthem was in English “Hey people! Clear Public Space.”

“Romania needs this project!” - Pimar Pinte of UNESCO listed Valea Viilor

At present, we are being asked to launch the programme in schools across Romania on an almost-weekly basis.

“The A Future without Rubbish  project’s integration of SCBC (‘School, Council, Business, Community’) is a unique approach to having a future without rubbish……We look forward to supporting this important work across Europe." - Anne-Marie Martin, Chief Executive of Chambers of Commerce across Europe (COBCOE).

By the end of 2018, it is likely that A Future without Rubbish will be included in Romania’s national curriculum for schools, and the national waste plan. Also, we are developing new products for end-use by SCBC. Asociatia Un Viitor Fără Gunoi  is a young, dynamic and innovative organisation with huge potential to drive real change in how rubbish is viewed in Romania and across Europe. Will you join us on our journey? 

Professor Maurer presenting at the 'A Future without Rubbish' launch

Professor Maurer speaking with Teodora Backer of Hahn Plastics

Luke Douglas-Home is greeted by Mayor Pinte on the steps of UNESCO’s Valea Viilor on the 6th October 2017. The town hall is working with the program right now, and is also re-designing the Council offices along UNESCO lines with Clear Public Space Ltd.

Pupils singing "Hey!People!Clear Public Space!"  at the launch of ‘A Future without Rubbish’

Spiderman at the launch: “All of us need our superpowers to fight rubbish”

Mayor Pinte and others watching one of the early educational activities at Kindergarten level

Luke Douglas-Home: “Our dream is that everyone sees rubbish as a resource. Making that dream happen is our work”.

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