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COVID '19 and the environment - don't "drive on" (unnecessarily).

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Just so everyone can be clear about the environmental impact of COVID 19:

CO2 levels in the atmosphere have now risen back to levels above what they were before the pandemic struck.

This week last year in 2019, CO2 PPM (Parts per million) was 408 ppm.

This week (5th Sep 2020) they are 411 ppm.

Scientists have warned for more than a decade that high concentrations risk triggering extreme weather events.

This week (5 Sep 2020) seventy wildfires are charring parts of a half-dozen states in America, from coastal California to the Rocky Mountains ( @CBSNews), and the global temperatures for the month spiked to almost 1 deg C above the historical average (according to Europe's Copernicus Climate Change Service).

You might put 2 and 2 together (we were warned about it) and forgive XR (@XRebellionUK #xr #extinctionrebellion) for delaying your newspaper last weekend. Take that first step to become a little bit aware of how much you are personally responsible for by assessing your carbon footprint here or here and looking for alternatives ( cycle, get a lift, bus or train rather than drive or fly)?

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