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Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime

Arrived in the office this morning to this disaster! A massive mound of waste dumped in a car park near Notting Hill Gate station. Fly-tipping is not only illegal but a massive ecological and environmental crisis. Apart from being an illegal eyesore, why is fly-tipping so bad?

1. Fly-tipped rubbish, such as pictured, includes waste that may be extremely harmful to wildlife and humans. From foxes to hedgehogs, fly-tipped waste is a deadly choking hazard for our urban animals.

2. The waste that has been fly-tipped includes building materials which may include harmful chemicals. If animals were to ingest these materials it could prove deadly.

3. This is a residential area, nearby to a primary and nursery school. This fly-tipped rubbish clearly contains hazardous materials, which is dangerous for children.

4. The fly-tipped waste will inevitably be sent to a general or EfW (Energy-from-waste or incineration) dump despite many of the materials being recyclable! For more information see our blog post and tune into the Frontline Club’s webinar ‘Environment, Pandemic Plastic A Burning Issue’ on the 22nd of October.

So, what is Clear Public Space doing about this issue?

We have spoken to the building managers who are also deeply distressed. They tell us that this has become a recurring issue. Despite the council being responsible for clearing up fly-tipped waste, they have had to fork out for removal in the past, costing them thousands. The waste also covers car-parking spots which have been paid for by clients. The lovely building staff now have to deal with the disgruntlement of those who have paid for parking. And what will the Farmers Market do on Saturday? @Londonfarmers any comment and plan?

Fly-tipping is not a victimless crime, the environment suffers, we suffer, businesses suffer and so do the people who have to clean it up.

We’re looking into environmentally friendly solutions to clearing this waste up. But this is not an isolated incident, what can we do to stop the environmental epidemic of urban fly-tipping in London?

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