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One Bag Zero Waste Campaign launch


One Bag Zero Waste, the third UK campaign from association ‘A Future Without Rubbish(AFWR), has launched this month [February 2020] in two Queen’s Park primary schools, bringing environmental education to young people and their local communities. 

Following the successes of the DEFRA-endorsed and Westminster Council supported ‘#StirCrazy’ and ‘500ff’ campaigns, AFWR with Clear Public Space, Queens Park Community Council and Westminster Council have now launched the “One Bag Zero Waste” campaign, in Westminster schools on the 13th and 14th February, 2020.

The campaign encompasses a design competition in schools, a recyclable bag made from recycled plastic for schools and local businesses, and the wider community through events, incentives and support around recycling and reusing plastics, benefitting everyone.  

Pupils from Queens Park and Wilberforce Primary Schools are invited to enter their environmentally inspired designs into a competition in which the winners will be chosen by a panel of judges, chaired by Queens’ Park Community Council. 

The winning design from each school will then be displayed in customised, reusable ‘One Bags’ made from recycled plastic, alongside the logos of local businesses who have sponsored the project. The ‘One Bags’ will be given to school pupils to share with their families and friends.

Local businesses in the community are being encouraged to pledge incentives and discounts to encourage reuse and recycling, spreading the message further than just the school yard.

Luke Douglas-Home, founder of ‘A Future Without Rubbish’, said: “We want to raise awareness to young people of a circular approach to the use, reuse and recycling of materials. This reduces the need for carbon. The circular economy should become the norm rather than the exception.

“With this campaign, school pupils are educated about the mechanics and economics of plastic recycling. Previously made from other plastic items, this bag should now last for decades. At its end of life, it can be easily be recycled. It’s the circular economy in action. One bag, zero waste for real. Pupils like and understand that.”

The Head of Queens Park Primary School, Mrs. Killip, added: “This is a fantastic project for our pupils to be involved in to encourage them to understand recycling from a young age and really see the benefits.  What is not to like about saving money and saving the planet? They can also help to educate other generations in their families, to realise real behavioural changes in our community for the future.” 

Queens Park Community Council’s chair, Gilly Fitzhugh agreed, saying: “If we are to improve recycling rates, achieve our sustainable development goals on responsible production and consumption, create sustainable cities and communities and are serious about climate action, every school in every council in every country should be encouraged take up the ‘One Bag Zero Waste’ campaign and other parts of the A Future without Rubbish project – it is good for education, good for recycling, good for local businesses and great for the local and planet’s environment.”

Headteacher of Wilberforce Primary School, Claire Macfie added: “As part of offering an education with character, it is important to us at Wilberforce Primary that children understand the part they have to play in their local as well as the global community.

“A Future without Rubbish’s new campaign 'One Bag Zero Waste' is an excellent example of how we can educate school children about the circular economy and provide economic incentives for our local community at the same time. Superb!”

Cllr Andrew Smith, Westminster Council Cabinet Member for Environment & Highways, added: “Increasing recycling rates and reducing unnecessary waste is a top priority in Westminster, and as a city that is addicted to plastic, we need to be making changes across the board to address this. Clear Public Space’s ‘a Future without Rubbish’ project is already undertaking excellent work in some of our schools, encouraging pupils to reduce their use of single-use plastic and promoting behaviour change amongst our city’s young people.” 

This is the first ‘One Bag Zero Waste’ project in the UK, Douglas-Home added: “For now we are urging local businesses to show their support through sponsorship, joining the judging panel or incentivising people to use the One Bag in their shops by offering discounts. Our ultimate ambition is to roll out similar environmental education campaigns to every council across the UK and eventually globally. After all, Romania is where the project A Future without Rubbish started. We must all come together in the endeavour.”

To pledge support for the campaign contact for more details or visit

Follow ‘One Bag Zero Waste’ on social media too @clearpublicspace #onebagzerowaste #1BzW #AFWR #Reuse #Reuse #Recycle

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