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Plastic campaigns work

 #StirCrazy-type campaigns are working! 

US Republican Strategist Brad Blakeman (photographed) said "straws have become the strawman for environmental misguided policies of the left". He seems to misunderstand the point of all plastics campaigns, the #StirCrazy campaign included.

He might as well say “#StirCrazy are just stirring it up about nothing – a little slither of plastic, we should all ignore the alternatives and stir away – with plastic!”

The point of plastics campaigns, and our #StirCrazy campaign included (photographed above) is that by the questioning the use of the tiny, totally unnecessary plastic stirrer, it triggers the question about all uses of plastic – some are necessary, some not. And the campaigning works – what proof of it working is there?

The president of the United States of America now asks “what about the plates, the wrappers and everything else” made of plastic? It is as though he is working for us all now?! Yes!

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