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"RE-think our plastic"

“Plastic can be great – we just have to manage it better” is our main thought.There are viable alternatives to single-use plastic. Think about it…

In the film, the Graduate (1967), if only Mr McGuire  had said “Plastics and their alternatives; there is a great future in these!” maybe the world would not be addicted to it in such away and drowning in it. But then, might it have ruined an otherwise hilarious exchange and therefore ruined the career of one of the world’s finest actors? This film broke Dustin Hoffman into the higher ground of film acting. 

Please watch the first in our new series of 20 second films – and tell us what you think @clearpubspace or @ facebook.

“RE-think our plastic” is our campaign slogan. “There is no situation in which a plastic stirrer is necessary, so let’s get rid of them for good” we say. 

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