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Recycling paper for 100 days for 100 years of Romania

To celebrate 100 years of Romania we collected and recycled 4 tonnes of paper in 100 days! 

We are school pupils, teachers, waste collectors, Sibiu County Council and Asociatia Un Viitor fara Gunoi. In celebration of the Centenary, we collected for 100 days in 3 schools in Sibiu County, Axente Sever and Sibiu city. 

We then recycled 4 tonnes of paper and cardboard, and schools and pupils were awarded clocks and diplomas made out of recycled paper. A video on the whole project and its achievements can be viewed here


We saved 75 trees in our beautiful Romania through this project, funded and supported by Sibiu County Council.

"First of all, this project has had a positive impact on the students of our school. They were motivated to love, cherish and protect nature, the environment. They have collected paper ….. to save the trees, which are a real source of fresh air. 

The pupils mobilised and brought recyclable material to school, helped by other family members, grandparents, older brothers. 

They asked all the shops sellers in Axente Sever to keep any box or cardboard to bring them to school, and this gained everyone’s appreciation and admiration. 

The greatest satisfaction I had when one of the girls said she was not interested in the prize, but she was happy to save those trees from being cut." said the coordinator teacher of Axente Sever school.

Should we recycle for 101 days next year, in celebration of Romania being 101 years old? We could do this with your help. Please help us to keep Romania beautiful – and the world. Contact us at here info[at]   

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