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Radical action required.

Updated: Jun 27, 2020

To ignore clear signs and then not act, is either stupid, ignorant, arrogant and/or criminal – it is certainly selfish.

The perfect storm that will affect everything, approaches.

It has affected the Olympics in Japan. Because of the rising heat levels the planned marathon has had to be moved 00s of kilometres as reported here.

( Photograph Dylan Martinez Reuters)

In the UK, as we "go back to normal" with COVID 19 diminishing and emissions and pollution rocket back to damaging levels, it is worth being aware of three things:

1. An historic heat wave roasts Siberia, reported here in the New York Times. There has been shocking/ data. 38C was recorded in Siberia this week – the highest temperature ever recorded inside the Arctic Circle. June temperatures normally average about 13C but this week the 38C record was set on June 20.

The Financial Times says here, that

“ Governments have taken unprecedented measures to deal with the Covid-19 emergency. As they begin to build back their economies they should take the opportunity for equally radical action on climate change. If there is one thing the pandemic has shown it is the danger of ignoring expert warnings. Emergencies can and do happen.”

(photo: rising temperatures Siberia Cow Financial Times)

2. Microplastics are entering the food web, everywhere in the world, as Tancredi Caruso, reports today, in The Conversation here. Microscopic millimetric animals have polystyrene micro-fragments in their intestines, and they are crucial as they are an important part of all soils across the world.

3. Carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded around the world as lockdown conditions have eased, reported here in the Guardian.

The Government (all governments) can act simply on these three things, immediately, meaningfully and economically– it is not just our individual responsibility to change behaviour.

Even though that is important, governments and councils must lead: how can you change behaviour to stop the 33 tonnes of waste that was cleaned up along the full stretch of Bournemouth's coastline?

(photo: the sun bournemouth)

What are Bournemouth council doing to try to change this behaviour? Let's hear of something new, innovative and fresh because it is so urgent! @BCPCouncil

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