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UNESCO and A Future without Rubbish™ (AFWR): we are growing in UNESCO’s Romanian World Heritage list

More schools, more councils, businesses and communities (SCBC) are joining us  in AFWR (A Future without Rubbish), in Transylvania. And in December, we might be starting AFWR in 3 more UNESCO ‘World Heritage-listed’ sites. Our growing project will be affecting thousands of households. And we are re-designing and improving our blog pages. We would love your input on three central questions:    1. What do you think about having short video blogs, in place of text? ( ‘Y’ or ‘N’ )    2.  Would you like the blog to contain more updates on our work or feature more on the wonderful world of waste in general? ( ‘Y’ or ‘N’ )     3. Would you like to be invited to our official launch in Romania in spring 2017? Please let us know on our Facebook page or contact us directly.  We will update you as we rise on, and up! But in this busy vortex we need your help in writing and researching regular blogs right now. So, you might join us? Work with us?  info[at] After all, Spiderman

joined with us at the end of October 2016, in our fight for A Future without Rubbish™ (in Romanian, Un Viitor fără Gunoi™)- as did mayors, Head teachers, councillors and business directors.

If they can join with us, you might. C’mon! Please click here to contact us.

A Future without Rubbish™ is ours – make it yours too?!

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