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Drive On

Collaborative conservation works II

There is an expression – “Drive On” – to be used when negative thoughts crowd the brain and you must only focus on the positive, to stay sane and constructive. Thank you Jacqueline Gibson (@ecotwitted) from the Blenheim Estate.

Recently, “one of the best global-level turtle conservation successes” occurred: a turtle was brought back from extinction, reported Rachel Nuwer (@RachelNuwer) in the NY Times, here.

The Burmese roofed turtle was presumed extinct just 20 years ago, but scientists have rebuilt the population to nearly 1,000 individuals in captivity. This grows.

Some of them have been successfully released into the wild and a handful of wild females also continue to go back to the Chindwin beach to lay eggs.

Sure, unsustainable fishing practices remain a problem for the turtles’ recovery in nature. But, this is positive news - Collaborative conservation works II.

So, "drive on" and keep looking for and working on the positive.

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