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Environment Minister Rebecca Pow MP welcomes One Bag Zero Waste

Following the launch of our latest environmental education campaign, One Bag Zero Waste in February, we have been drumming up support from local business and the wider Westminster community. 

We are excited to announce that we have now received official endorsement from Environment Minister Rebecca Pow MP, who shares her thoughts on the One Bag Zero Waste scheme and our other A Future Without Rubbish endeavours to forge a promising future for our planet. 

We have also been featured in the renowned Green World publication. The design competition is already underway with Westminster primary schools creating the artwork for a bag made from recycled plastic. The winning designs from each school will be featured on the reusable and recyclable bag and given out to families of the young people at the primary schools involved, giving them incentives to reuse provided by local businesses.   All entries will be judged in March by a panel including Rebecca Pow MP and chaired by Queens Park Community Council in mid-March. The bags will be produced in April and distributed to pupils and their families to reuse again and again in their local community.  What does One Bag Zero Waste hope to achieve? The 3 aims of #1BzW  are: 1. Educate 300 young people (and their households) in Queens Park on         a. reducing plastic and litter within their communities        b. the mechanics and economics of recycling        c. the circular economy 2. Reduce plastic bag usage in Queens Park stores, by at least 20%. 3. Benefit local Queens Park businesses with increased footfall and return customers There are projects that focus on recycled products and recycling, this campaign is different because at its heart, it aims to teach people about the economics and mechanics of recycling, while providing economic incentives to be a part of the circular economy. Sign up to our social channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram , Linkendin for all the latest campaign developments.  If you want to support the campaign or would like to run a similar scheme in your area contact us.  

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