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Pandemic Plastic: a burning issue

Updated: Oct 15, 2020

Thursday 22nd October at 7 pm GMT, virtually at the acclaimed Frontline Club.

The Frontline Club along with Clear Public Space is beginning a series of discussions about the burning environmental issues of the day.

Thursday's panel discussion marks the beginning of regular events surrounding the most pressing environmental issues we are facing both as a nation, and globally. Recent TV, and other media, have heightened awareness that the environment is a frontline for us all.

Follow #environmentalfrontline to stay up-to-date with developments.

Make sure that the 19th of November is in your diary for the second environmental event with the Frontline Club organised with Clear Public Space.

The chair/moderator is Jonathan Leake, former environment editor of the Sunday Times.

Georgia Elliot Smith, Jacob Hayler and Professor Maurer from the EU Commission will be participating.

Read more about it here and attend by clicking here

Georgia Elliott-Smith is an Environmental Engineer and UNESCO Special Envoy for Youth & the Environment, currently engaged in legal action against the UK Government on the omission of waste incineration from the UK emissions trading scheme.

Jacob Hayler is the Exec Director of the Environmental Services Association. On Energy-from-waste (Incineration) he has said that it has a greater role to play in pursuit of a net-zero carbon economy by maximising the efficiency of plants, reducing carbon outputs, and by helping other sectors to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.

Professor Maurer, joined the European Commission in 2002 as a principal lawyer. He is now a Senior Expert and responsible in DG Environment for questions around circular economy and chemicals.

Event updates will appear on this web page, and the Frontline Club here.

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