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#StirCrazy - Helping to eradicate single-use plastic stirrers

Following our meetings this week with DEFRA, concerning UK government consultations regarding plastics, we learnt many things. One thing we learnt was that the Oxo-degradable plastics industry are still waiting for verifiable scientific proof for their claims. Some claim that their oxo plastic degrades “like a leaf”. Is this really true? Most  authorities in this plastic world (EU and Plastics Oceans and Axion) think this is entirely wrong.

At the moment, we all understand that ‘Oxo-degradeable’ or ‘Oxo-biodegradeable’ means ‘oxo-fragmentable’. i.e being Oxo just speeds up the time for plastic to fragment. It then degrades as fast as any other plastic i.e. over centuries, if at all. The industry claim otherwise, but scientific support of their claims is still wanting.

We wait, and we wait……SymphonySeoilWells plastics please tell us when your claims are no longer secret because they are “supported by an NDA”!

So, while waiting for Oxo-degradable plastics firms to back up their enormous claims, we publish our next  video,supported by real data.

To be honest, when we claim 400 years for the degradation of plastic stirrers, no one really knows  this as all the modern plastic ever produced, since it was first created in 1869, is still around today. But do you think the #StirCrazy strapline ‘4 Seconds For Centuries’ works?! Please share, push and promote our educational video.

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