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The Future of Plastic

The Future of Plastic

It is estimated that by 2050 there will be more plastic debris in the ocean than fish. So, while the future production and management of plastic looks very problematic, as Jo Ruxton of Plastics Oceans says “there is still time - just!” to slow down and eventually stop this terrifying escalation of the problem. 

Clear Public Space, and Association A Future without Rubbish are addressing the problem of waste by working in schools; with waste companies and councils and we believe there should be a new ‘R’ to the 3 Rs of “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”. 

Consumers should ‘Rethink’ their use of plastic. 

Rethinking “what is the main purpose of this plastic?” in every instance – and ask “are there biodegradable alternatives available” at the same price to fulfil the same purpose? 

In our latest video we illustrate an early computer as a collector’s item – yes! There has always been a purpose for computers with no alternative to plastic ever being available. And they look interesting; of their time.

And we include the mobile phone – the purpose is obvious and continuously expands, hugely; and is there an alternative to plastic? Non-existent. 

Now, with plastic stirrers – the target of the #StirCrazy campaign – we ask, “Why do we use something for four seconds when it lasts for centuries, when there are plenty of alternatives available?” 

Plastic stirrers aren’t recyclable – there is no market for collecting thousands of used little slivers of plastic. RECOUP, the recycling plastics members association, say “whilst plastic stirrers are technically recyclable they are never going to be collected in any volume” to make recycling viable.

“Single use plastic should become an oxymoron” says Jo Ruxton (of Plastics Oceans), referring to plastics’ indestructibility.

Our campaign #StirCrazy is the beginning of a journey to minimise single-use plastic in our society. It encourages everyone to ask “Why plastic?”. Plastic Stirrers are extremely small, but their impact on the environment and their longevity is enormous. 


A small plastic stirrer that is used only for 4 seconds will last for centuries in the environment. 

We encourage people to Rethink their use of plastic and look for alternatives, so hopefully, in 100 years, plastic products we know now will become vintage artefacts. 

Early TVs, early telephones are already becoming collectors items...but the plastic stirrer? Oh, we doubt it. And there are 100s of billions of them around the world so quite a difficult market to control.....

If you want to find out more about #StirCrazy campaign or other projects by Clear Public Space click here

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